All club managers want their club to be successful in both the short and long term. For this, it is very important that, among many other factors, the club has exemplary management, both at a sporting level and at an administrative level.

In the sports field, management is usually quite simple and does not cause many problems. Or at least, more people “dominate” or claim to dominate sports management, and therefore, more professionals are not usually used than those in charge of the club.

But what about administrative management? What’s wrong with her?

The extra-sports management of your entity is a somewhat complicated aspect and that, without a doubt, you need to have knowledge. If not, it will most likely cause long-term problems. Something that, of course, you want to avoid. What can you do then? Well, you have three options:

1- You learn about administration, which will take time and effort,

2- You hire professionals on the club’s staff, so that they are responsible for all administrative procedures. A very valid option, but, in many cases, too expensive.

3- You can leave it in the hands of professionals, hiring only the services you need.

In this post, I am going to talk to you about the importance of consultancies or agencies in the world of sport.

What is a sports consultancy?

A consultancy is a private office that is in charge of all the formalities and / or administrative procedures of individuals, professionals, companies and companies. In this case, from sports clubs or sports organizations

What services can a consultancy provide you?

The fact that a sports club is a non-profit organization makes many people think that management services are not necessary. Nothing is further from reality. The fact of having certain tax benefits for being a non-profit organization, affects the fact of having more severe procedures than a company, in some cases. Above all, with the whole issue of subsidies.

Next, I will explain to you what are the aspects in which a sports consultancy can help your club:

Tax procedures

It can take you the accounting of the organization in terms of relevant procedures such as the withholdings to be applied, for example, the personal income tax account and its annual summary, the quarterly VAT return and its annual summary.

It also prepares the income statements, or performs its respective verifications based on the data that appear in the draft, or, if there is not, advises and helps to obtain the documentation to be provided.

Labor procedures

The preparation and management of payroll is another of its most common services, including forecasting expenses, processing the registration and cancellation of workers, and advice on the costs that a labor policy could entail.


The processing of any type of certificate that is needed.

Study and processing of grants

Both its study and the processing of grants and aid or the presentation of competitions that require considerable paperwork are tasks that you can entrust to an agency.

This is one of the most interesting services, since there are many grants, and each one has its peculiarities. Failure to apply for a grant can bankrupt the entire financial structure of the club.

Business management

The consultancy can offer management solutions adapted to the needs of your club, helping you with whatever you need, such as sponsorships, sports equipment, event organization and help with other types of income models that are available.

Why is sports counseling important?

As you may have seen, having a sports consultancy by your side makes your work much easier. It is true that you are going to have to invest more money, but you know that you are going to leave the administration in the best hands. On the other hand, you also make sure that the procedure to obtain grants is carried out correctly.

In addition, honestly, the “cost” (although it is more accurate to call it “investment”) in a sports consultancy, reverts in a very comfortable way, since:

1- Those responsible have time to dedicate to athletes and to make the club grow.

2- It avoids unforeseen events, fines and loss of subsidies.

3- Provide professionalism and avoid problems with third parties.

4- The fact of doing things well in administrative matters will help to do things well in sports.

Leaving the cumbersome issues in the hands of the agency, you will have nothing to worry about, because all the administrative procedures will be handled by them. In this way, you can dedicate all your time to directing your club, improving training sessions and focusing exclusively on sports.

It is important to mention that although any consultancy can help you with tax or labor procedures, today there are sports consultancies that are exclusively dedicated to helping sports clubs.

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