Whether to collect data or to evaluate some aspect, creating questionnaires and surveys is basic . These are useful for different aspects such as improvements to the club or its maintenance and management.

Collecting information and data on, for example, putting a new activity in your club, a new schedule, asking about monitors or coaches, etc., can provide you with quantitative data for making informed decisions and solid.

Therefore, we leave you here a list of the best tools to use and create questionnaires and surveys.

  1. Google Forms . This is the best known of all. It allows you to collect information, create self-evaluations, organize votes or even obtain feedback. It has an option to dump the results in a spreadsheet that facilitates both the reading and the treatment of the data obtained. All this is free, so it is the option most chosen by the majority.
  2. Doodle . It is an online tool that allows you to plan events and create simple surveys easily and quickly. The downside is that it is not totally free like Google Forms.
  3. Quibblo . This option allows you to create visual questionnaires and surveys, sharing them quickly, since they are registered as public. This allows you to massively participate in the survey but lose privacy. It is the best alternative if you are looking for the survey to be accessible to everyone and if you want to reach a very wide audience. For example, for club satisfaction surveys.
  4. Typeform . It is easy to create a survey with this tool and the configuration possibilities are really wide. It allows you to create a welcome screen and a goodbye screen, include images or videos and analyze the results in an exhaustive way. The problem? That is not totally free.
  5. Survey Monkey . This is an option if you consider using a payment platform. It offers many advantages over the free one, such as excluding some questions based on the previous answers, customizing the URL, including filters or downloading exhaustive results reports. In addition, it allows you to send the survey created by different means such as email, social networks or your own website.
  6. Playoff . Within this app to improve the management of your sports club, you will also find a questionnaire option. You can create the questions and send them to your athletes and groups. In addition, you can obtain response statistics, and import the data into excel. The advantage over other solutions is that, previously, you already have all the contact information of your teams. You do not need to retrieve this information from other sources to send the surveys. The answers are linked to each member, and you can have in the same app, the contact information, payment history, authorizations, documentation … and now, the answered questionnaires of your athletes. Why use one tool for every club function, if you can do it all in one?

Have you found the tool you need to do your surveys? Learn about many other tools for sports clubs that can help you in your day-to-day tasks.

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