Paddle tennis is a relatively young sport, but it is making a gap among the most played sports. Only in Spain, the number of federated has increased from 39,000 in 2012 to 76,000 in 2019. But it is that, there are almost 2,000,000 regulars who play recreationally and who do not have a federative license.

As in other sports, paddle tennis is adapting to new technologies and there are more and more apps that make life easier for both sports organizations and the athletes themselves. You can find apps to reserve a track, apps to keep up to date with any news in this sport, statistics apps, management apps …

There goes the ranking with the 10 best padel apps for clubs and athletes :

Sports software for town halls, clubs and neighborhood communities endorsed by more than 100 town halls and sports centers. Widely used by sports entities with paddle tennis and tennis courts, since it allows digitizing various processes such as booking, payment, opening the door or turning on the light.

💡 Ideal for: Clubs and Players

➡️ Download Sporttia in PlayStore

➡️ Download Sporttia on iOs

It is a padel court aggregator; the ideal meeting point between clubs and millions of players. Thanks to this app, reserving tracks will be much easier.

Through geolocation, you can find any nearby track and order them by proximity. An interesting function is the possibility of paying for the reservation through the app itself.

💡 Ideal for: Players

➡️ Download Playtomic in PlayStore

➡️ Download Playtomic on iOs

With this tool you can organize and sign up for amateur tournaments easily and quickly. Thanks to its filter by player level, you can sign up for tournaments in which players have the same level as you. In addition, you will be able to decrease or increase your level with the passage of the tournaments.

💡 Ideal for: Players

➡️ Download Timpik in PlayStore

➡️ Download Timpik on iOs

Padel Manager is an online platform that offers a comprehensive sports management, organization and regulation service, providing a solution to all the demands of clubs and amateur padel players. Communication and dissemination, automatic management of each tournament and league, circuit management, player ranking, monitors, match creation, online reservation of courts …

For athletes, it allows you to search for your closest clubs and receive notifications of the events that are organized. It is part of the Amateur Players Ranking.

💡 Ideal for: Clubs and Players

➡️ Download Padel Manager in PlayStore

➡️ Download Padel Manager in iOs

This application allows you to organize your own amateur padel league, in a totally fast and easy way.

It has an infinity of functions such as chat, notices, reminders, comparisons, historical, statistics and graphs of your level evolution among others in addition to the Ranking and classification lists.

💡 Ideal for: Clubs and Players

➡️ Download Rádical Padel in PlayStore

➡️ Download Rádical Padel in iOs

It is the app of the magazine with the same name, it is totally interactive and free. Thanks to it, you can be aware of all the news related to the world of professional paddle tennis.

💡 Ideal for: Fans

➡️ Download Top Padel 360 in PlayStore

➡️ Download Top Padel 360 in iOs

It is the app of the online magazine Padel Star. In it you will find tips to improve technique, prevent injuries, etc. It also shows current and interesting news.

In addition, it has other interesting functions such as: virtual paddle lessons through explanatory videos and a section to find your perfect paddle paddle based on your needs.

💡 Ideal for: Fans and gamers

➡️ Download Padel Star in PlayStore

➡️ Download Padel Star in iOs

8. Padel Around

This application has a multitude of functions such as: accessing information about other padel clubs in Spain, organizing matches, locating other players, locating sports facilities via GPS and signing up for tournaments. In addition to all these facilities, the user can also access the latest news from the world of paddle tennis, such as reports, last minute of the World Padel Tour, etc.

It is available in three languages; Catalan, Spanish and French.

💡 Ideal for: Players

➡️ Download Padel Around in iOs

9. Padel Classes

With this tool you will have at your disposal a large collection of padel videos that will help you improve your performance. You will find from videos to improve a specific technique, to warm-up videos.

💡 Ideal for: Players

➡️ Download Padel Classes in PlayStore

10. Padelplacar

App to take notes in a simple way of the paddle matches and see the statistics in the form of graphs.

Allows you to share the results on social networks and messaging applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

💡 Ideal for: Players

➡️ Download Padelplacar in PlayStore

Do you know any other app for padel clubs? Leave us a link in a comment.

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