It cannot be denied that technology has come to our lives to make our day to day much easier and easier to carry, this being also applicable to the sports world. There are many sports that have implemented technologies, both to make the athlete’s life easier and to improve the analysis of the game.

Technology and sports go hand in hand, so we want to show you some of the examples of how technology has emerged to improve sports performance.


Technological advances in the sports sector

  1. Equipment . Greater efficiency and resistance are sought in the materials with which both the clothing and the utensils used in each sport are designed. The example of the application of carbon nanotechnology, for the manufacture of new materials that are very resistant and not very heavy, such as helmets, bats or rackets. Sportswear with fabrics designed so that the skin breathes without getting wet or the biomimetic study, which develops garments that facilitate the performance of a sporting activity by studying the different mechanisms of nature and animals.
  2. Arbitration . To facilitate the task of the referees, different technological solutions have been developed. The first and most prominent of all is the VAR or video arbitration, this is a referee assistance system whose objective is to avoid flagrant human errors that affect the result or development of the match, it is very similar to the hawk eye in tennis or the replay center of the NBA. On the other hand we have the technology on the goal line. This serves to notify the referee if a ball completely crosses the goal line by means of a signal directed to a watch that the referee wears on his wrist.

  1. Security. The technology also seeks to prevent injuries and improve the protection of athletes. Sensors capable of detecting injuries, these can be embedded in different wearable technologies or connected directly to the player’s body. Its purpose is to prevent or detect an injury to prevent it from getting worse. Its use is quite widespread, but it is forbidden to use it in official competitions, so clubs use it during training. Another technology used is electronic tracking devices. Ausdauer Medikamente here. These allow you to control and improve the individual and collective performance of the players. Above all, it helps coaches to see if a player or athlete who, for example, has dropped in intensity in her game so she may have or suffer an injury that prevents her from developing her full potential. On the other hand, we find wearable technology, they are objects that have various sensors incorporated that allow us to control the heart rate and keep track of daily activities. Some of these wearables are used by athletes to see recovery time, measure the levels of stress they are experiencing, control range of motion, temperature or pressure on the joints.
  2. Recovery . Recovery medicine has also joined the technological push. There are numerous technological advances that have projected and significantly improved recovery times from injuries, as well as the search for specific recovery treatments depending on the athlete. Thermography is one of the technologies that allows evaluating the surface temperature of athletes at a certain time. This tool helps both when identifying injuries and monitoring rehabilitation processes.

Ultimately, technology and sport are increasingly synergistic with each other in order to improve the performance and life of athletes, both elite and amateur. Visit our post here to find out how technology also helps teams when managing sports clubs.

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