Attracting new members can be a difficult task for the directors of a sports club, but it is essential to continue growing and being able to “sell” your club to your potential clients.

As we commented in our post about why would they choose your club over others , not all new members join your club because of the sports practice offered in yes, but there are different cases in which a person becomes a member of a club.

A member is considered to be that natural person registered in the club. This person will retain their membership status from the time they register as members of the club until they unsubscribe. In sports clubs there are different types of members, which include both the athletes themselves and the club’s fans.

Having said that, we show you the 3 types of members that can exist in a sports club:

  1. Associate member
  2. Affiliate Member
  3. Social member

An associate member can be someone interested in playing in the sport of your club. But it can also be someone who wants to participate in the organization or simply want to be part of the same club, such as being part of the general assembly.

A major barrier to playing sports in the 21st century is lack of time. In order to strengthen your club, you must start by making the practice of sport as easy as possible.

You must be flexible in the schedules and groups that you offer in your sports club so that it is accessible to everyone and with any specific need.

There are different sports modalities that do not require so much dedication a week. These workouts can be shorter, but more intense, or just have fewer training days per week.

These athletes could become associate members, with their membership fees invested both in the running of that team and in the club in general.

An affiliate member can be a member who, even if he does not practice sports, wants to benefit from the advantages offered by being a member of your club. Something very common is that a person becomes a keen member, in order to use the facilities.

Your club may also offer these affiliate members discounts or special rates to access other types of services of your club. Special prices on activities, offers in the club store or special prices for other family members.

In addition to the club’s own athletes who play on the field, there are more people who play different roles in your club. Coaches, parents, as well as volunteers and support staff are also part of your club.

Not all of them have the same function within the club, but they are part of it. Without them, your sports club would not function to its full potential.

They may not have a direct stake in the club, but they do have a relationship, either direct or indirect, with the club. But you should still treat them as members that they are, as they all contribute their bit in one way or another. Take advantage of their contribution by giving them special discounts in exchange.

The management of a Sports Club is as important as that of a company, so you must be very clear about some important aspects such as the types of members that you can find in your club.

So if you are considering creating a Sports Club soon, and you do not know very well what you should know to take the first steps, you can read our post where we tell you in more depth how to create a sports club and how a sports club works .

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