Technology facilitates the work of clubs in their day to day. It is your great ally and practically all of us use it daily in the activities we develop.

There are still some clubs that have not taken that step towards digitization, although it is true that there is a growing trend towards the use of specific apps.

If you are one of those badminton clubs that still continues to manage their club in a traditional way, without paying attention to the advantages of new technologies, I feel obliged to help you make that technological leap. To do this, I am going to show you some apps that, without any doubt, will improve the management of your club.

Apps for managers of a badminton club

1. Playoff

Platform that manages the members of your badminton club. Streamline and optimize the management of your sports organization with this cloud management program.

You can control all the club processes from any device: groups, members, activities, collections, payments, reservations, registrations, communications …

Use a specific app with all the athletes, partners and users of the club with Playoff.

💡 Ideal for: Directors, coordinators and administrators

➡️ Playoff free trial

💸 Price: From € 25 / month

2. Clupik

It is one of the most complete tools for the integral management of a sports club.

This platform, developed by a Madrid company, centralizes the management and communication of your badminton club with its comprehensive solution for clubs.

It allows you to have your own website and a personalized app for your club, being able to incorporate the modules that you consider appropriate. In addition, it provides a management tool, where to centralize the management of tools and communications with members.

💡 Ideal for: Directors, webmasters and administrators

➡️ Try a free Clupik demo

💸 Price: From € 35 / month

Apps for organizers of a badminton tournament

3. Tournament Software

Platform where to publish and see all the badminton tournaments internationally

Tournament Planner is an incredibly useful software tool that allows you to easily manage padel tournaments.

You can organize the tournament however you want, modifying the number of knock-out draws, setting custom playoffs, and much more.

Tournament results can be shared with your network. It has a free version and a paid version. Fully customizable design, and quite intuitive.

💡 Ideal for: Tournament organizers

➡️ Visit the web

💸 Price: From € 0 / month

4. Whats Score

Whats Score is an app that allows you to create and manage all the necessary aspects to create a professional-looking badminton tournament with a multitude of features.

Although this application can be used to create tournaments for a wide range of sports, Whats Score has incredibly useful features that apply to creating badminton tournaments as well.

Among other things, you can do raffles, you can automate the process of scheduling a match based on the chosen track, you can have live results and share it on social networks, etc. Free version for life and also a Premium paid module.

💡 Ideal for: Tournament organizers

➡️ Visit the web

💸 Price: From € 0 / month

Apps to manage badminton courts

5. Nubapp

You can easily manage your installations from the Nubapp software. You can manage reservations for your badminton courts and the rest of the facilities. Control subscriptions and bonuses and manage your courses and your badminton activities, thanks to the calendar and the database administrator.

Configure the software according to the number of tracks and the characteristics of your installation, and connect it to the access points, to have comprehensive control.

💡 Ideal for: Directors of badminton centers or clubs

➡️ Try a free demo of Nubapp

💸 Price: Variable

Apps for your badminton club’s social networks

6. Kickly

Kickly, the tool that seems “simple”, but turns out to be just great.

An online design app with templates to create graphic content about your club in minutes.

👋 Goodbye to paying graphic designers.

👋 Goodbye to spending hours creating content.

👋 Goodbye to big Photoshop files.

Community managers, copywriters, online media and club leaders: The social media design revolution is here! Valid for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Stories. Coming soon, in video format

💡 Ideal for: Community managers, communication managers and digital media

➡️ Try Kickly for free

💸 Price: From € 17 / month

With this information in hand, what are you waiting for to take that much-desired leap towards digitizing your club? Come on, don’t get stuck and embrace the technological revolution!

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